Top Clubs In District 1 With The Best Music That You Must Know

Want to know the top clubs in District 1 that are famous for their fun and good music to gather with friends on the weekend? Then don’t miss the following list of clubs. These are all clubs that are highly appreciated by the nightlife community for the quality of service and the music they bring. Let’s take a look to find the right clubs for you and your friends!

Oslo Club

Oslo is famous as a Saigon club with beautiful and very luxurious design. Oslo is located prominently in the heart of District 1 and welcomes many visitors every night. They are all stylish young people, successful business people or collectors of supercars. The hustle and bustle every night is the most characteristic feature of Oslo.

Oslo’s architectural space has a unique feature that is hard to find in other places. The curves combined with neon lights are beautifully coordinated to create a shimmering and classy space. Under this space and light, you will be very inspired to sway to the music.

Music in Oslo is played in an open format, which means that the DJs here will be able to play a variety of popular music, showing the freedom and liberality that young people love. Still EDM, Hip Hop, or VinaHouse, through the talented hands of the DJs here, familiar tunes will become new and attractive. Oslo will be the place to bring the most spectacular, vibrant and “burning” music parties.

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Natrix Bar

Natrix is ​​always in the top clubs in District 1 that are famous for their quality and are highly appreciated by many young people. The biggest attraction at Natrix is ​​that it is one of the places where DJs play the best Hip Hop music. The closed space design and good soundproofing make the music here always complete. In addition to her talented DJs, Natrix also has other famous guest DJs to stir up the atmosphere such as: DJ Yaroslav Kuchin, DJ KS Trung Kien…

Another special feature of Natrix is ​​that it has an LED screen design that runs from the DJ table to the ceiling to the door. The lighting and visual system will combine and change every time the DJ plays music. The way to light the lights here is very interesting, very popular with young people because it brings a lot of inspiration to “partay!!!”.

Because of the advantages of music and price, Natrix Bar attracts a large number of loyal customers who are young people who love nightlife. Every night here, there will be fun and jubilant parties of young people. Immerse yourself here to feel the typical personality of Saigon’s young people.

Republic Club

Located in the western neighborhood of Bui Vien, Republic is a club in District 1 that is visited a lot by foreign tourists. The space inside is large with the dance floor right in the middle of the stage. The well-designed lighting system makes the space here often vibrant and bustling. The sound system is carefully invested. They have many music programs with performances of prominent names in showbiz such as: Binz, Ung Hoang Phuc, Justatee…

A team of bartenders trained from abroad with high skills is a special highlight of Republic Club. Try the cocktails! You will feel the novelty of the drinks here. Quality drinks and enthusiastic service from the staff keep customers coming back to Republic Club. Coming to Republic Club, you will enjoy the nightly fun atmosphere.

Address: 19 Do Quang Dau street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC.

Khu 13 Club

Located in Pham Ngu Lao neighborhood with an attractive architectural style, Khu 13 Club is always in the top club in HCM even though it is not promoted. This will be a stopover for those who love freedom and a little bit of rebellion. It has an underground design with metal mesh panels and fancy light strips that few clubs have.

Khu 13 Club has talented DJs, famous domestically and internationally. Therefore, this place is always bustling with popular VinaHouse tunes. Not only has the music captivated guests, but Khu 13 Club also has a diverse drink menu prepared by talented bartenders. In addition to alcoholic beverages, this place also serves non-alcoholic drinks such as juices or soft drinks. If you need to find a venue for a party or meeting, Khu 13 Club will be an extremely worthy choice.

Address: 175/22 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC.

New DC Club

New DC Club is a club in HCM that is quite famous for its unique and fancy design. It has a unique attraction by the design of three different high and low floors, based on the lotus petal symbol. The space is decorated with a combination of modern lines mixed with a bit of Western classics.

Like other famous clubs, New DC Club is also invested with a modern sound and light system. EDM, Hip Hop and House music will often be played here. Coming to New DC Club, you will be entertained by musical parties with famous guests in the Vietnamese showbiz world.

Address: 148 Cong Quynh Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1.

So together, we have discovered the top clubs in District 1 that are cool and famous, often chosen by young people. Through this article, you must have found a suitable club for you to enjoy the fun with friends, or simply experience the Saigon nightlife. If you need more information, please see our entertainment service review articles!